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For as long as you remember, you have been drawn to Knights, Samurai, Swashbuckling heroes, or simply the mystique of the sword. Perhaps, as a spectator, you have just discovered the global wonderland of modern competitive sword and sword simulator sports. Perhaps you have grown up with a sword or a stick of rattan in your hand. Perhaps you are just starting your swordsmanship practice, or perhaps you are a fearsome competitor in the prime of life.

Maybe you just absolutely love watching or being around these crazy people, or perhaps the sound of steel, or the smell of sweat and oil and blood stirs something in you that you cannot name. Perhaps just the site of Kendogu, or a three weapons mask, or a 14th century English breastplate makes you catch your breath.

Or maybe you don’t know anything about the fascinating world of competitive sword sports and this is your first introduction to this global and colorful culture that has roots into the distant past of many cultures.

If any of these describes you, then you have clicked to the right place!

In today’s world, the enthusiast has more avenues than any other time to pursue sport with a sword.

Massive tournaments are happening everywhere around the world, but there is no single place to see relevant news that span across the different sports.

More and more, People from all nations and all backgrounds are taking up the sword in its various forms and competing to test themselves.  Or they are discovering just how riveting and addictive being a fan is.

But even in today’s hyper connected world, it is difficult to find the right answers to even the simplest questions about tradition, equipment, or how your favorite fighter or club is faring in tournament.

That’s what we hope to provide. Our mission is to serve the global modern sword sport communities with news, information, reviews,  education, and an inclusive forum in a sport/tradition agnostic format. In doing this, we hope to foster understanding and communication between the various sports as well as be a central point of information for fans so that the community as a whole can benefit and grow.

The Sword Life calls many to it and it is pursued using many paths, many rule sets, many traditions. But these paths are more similar to each other than they are dissimilar. Like my own Teacher always says: “All fighting is fighting.”

Or, more mysteriously, as the old Bolognese Sword Master wrote: “I will teach you the sword, until you are ready to learn the truth.”

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You will notice that there are advertisements on this site. In the future, I may offer books or products. This is done to fund improvements and resources for this endeavor so that the community may be served in an effective manner.

If you would like to advertise one of your sport specific products to a global audience, feel free to contact us for opportunities.

In the meantime, see you out there. Salute!

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